How To Stay Productive While Working From Home

Working from home can come with a lot of distractions from family members working and making noise in nearby rooms, to the sound of the TV, to outside noise and many more distractions, therefore, staying focused isn’t always an easy thing to do. To stay productive and focused, it is important to get rid of or reduce any distractions in your working space.

Put your phone on silent

If you don’t need your phone to work, put it on silent – not on vibrate. By silencing your phone, you will not go to pick it up every time it rings. And basically having it on vibrate is like having the ringer on and the temptation to pick it up and look at it is still there. Only use your phone if you need it for a work-related task.

Turn off application notifications

If you need to use your phone for work, then turn off the application notifications so that you are not distracted by a pop up while you’re working. You will be able to not use your phone and put it down when you don’t need it and not getting into a loop of a ‘just a quick look’.

Keep your work and personal internet separate

Open a new browser window when working to keep your work and personal internet separate. This helps as you would be less tempted to check your social media or online shop when all your open tabs are work-related. Then, when you want to take a little break, you can switch to your personal browser window.

Walk around and take breaks

The best way to stay productive is to get up, move around, and also have a quick break as this helps get your blood flowing and helps you to re-energize and re-focus. Do some stretches, go take a breath of fresh air outside and do a lap around your apartment, you can do this even if your space is small so get moving!

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