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Why You Should Split Your Budget On Multiple Marketing Tools

After defining the marketing budget you’ll allocate for a specific campaign or year, you’ll have to determine where you’ll be spending that budget. There are various marketing tools to consider, but which marketing tool should you go for? Should you go with traditional marketing such as radio, billboards, direct marketing, or something more digital-like email marketing, Facebook, and Google ads?

Many businesses that don’t have a good grasp on marketing would probably only consider Facebook or Google ads only, but even if both platforms are amazing and great to target your target market, it’s not advisable to invest your entire marketing budget onto only one platform.

Benefits of using more than one marketing tool

Your target audience is scattered around the market, this means that by advertising on multiple marketing tools, you are reaching a bigger amount of your target audience than you would with just a single marketing platform.

With a variety of marketing platforms, you’ll be creating more brand awareness to newcomers to your target market, whilst reminding your current customers and the rest of the target market about your brand. This will not only aid the campaign you have going on at the time but will also help create brand loyalty (which makes 80% of your revenue) and future advertising campaigns.

So, which marketing tools should you consider for your business?

There is a variety of things to consider when choosing the best marketing tools, including your marketing budget, your competitors chosen tools, your target audience, and previous success. With all this in mind, you’ll be able to pinpoint the best marketing tools to use, the more the better but make sure that the marketing team and budget allocated is decent to make a big impact.

If you’re still undecided on which marketing tool to use, or yet again you haven’t yet allocated any marketing budget for the year 2021, talk to us and we’ll discuss the best way forward according to your business industry, current needs, and more.

Still, trying to figure out the benefits of every marketing tool and the ideal budget for each? Follow us on our Facebook page to learn more, in the meantime check out out the importance of search engine optimisation as a marketing tool.


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