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What Makes SEO Such an Important Marketing Tool?

Whether you’re a marketer, student, or business owner looking to market your website or in the process of creating one, you might have heard of the phrase SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

SEO is a tool used all around the world which allows you to compete against your competitors for a higher rank on Google search according to the most used phrases by your target audience.

So what makes SEO such an important marketing tool? Can we just ignore it or is it worth the investment?

What is SEO and can I do it myself?

Search Engine Optimisation involves a wide variety of tasks and each task will contribute to making your website more appealing to the Google search engine and ultimately even to your clients. The tasks are split into two; onsite SEO and offsite SEO – onsite is what makes your website content aligned with the most used keywords. Offsite SEO is how you get traffic on your website without advertising such as on; Google ads, YouTube ads, Facebook, etc.

As a general rule, we don’t suggest you do your own SEO. Reason being that when searching online you’ll find a wide variety of information and too good to be true offers. If something is done wrong, your website might get penalised and everything will be working in reverse.

What makes SEO so important?

There are a lot of factors that make SEO an important marketing tool, and as a general rule for all sorts of businesses – you should be focusing on SEO! We’ve compiled a small list of why SEO is important and we’ll leave it in your hands to decide whether to contact us for an SEO package or a website.

1. Organic search traffic has the highest conversion rate

When someone searches for a specific service or product and your website comes up, the probability of the user to purchase or visit your shop is much greater than if you had to advertise on Facebook, but this is only applicable if you’re at least in the first page.

To make it to the first page it’s important that your SEO is better than your competitors’ as you’ll have to “steal” their spot, once you’re on that first page your traffic will double and the higher you get on that page the more it will increase.

2. SEO will make your business more credible and trustworthy

When you’re at the top of the page results, users will automatically perceive your business as trustworthy, not because they know the effort you’ve done to be at the top, but because Google put you at the top so it means they can trust you.

3. Good SEO will contribute to a good customer experience

When you follow Google’s SEO guidelines, it will automatically lead to a superior customer experience on your website which will eventually impact the buying behaviour (in certain industries), customer loyalty, and more things that will indirectly be affected.

4. SEO is cheap - almost FREE!

When it comes to SEO, there’s simply no drawbacks, no boosting amount, no cost per click, nothing like this. SEO is free organic traffic, generated from users looking for your products and services. We said almost free because there are a few costs which you have to keep in mind, including our service fee.

Don’t worry about our fee! Most businesses that use our SEO services never stop, not because we never reach the top results, but simply because they see so much increase in traffic and sales that they don’t want to lose their position to a competitor.

5. If you’re not on the first page, you’re not getting any organic clicks

When it comes to searching on Google, many limit their search to just the first page, this means that if you’re on the second, third, fourth, or whichever page, you’re not getting any benefits from organic search results. This means that your website is on Google not for when people are searching for products and services you have, but for when they’re searching for your business specifically, meaning you’re not reaching any new clients which don’t already know about you.

Don’t waste more time, let’s start discussing your SEO strategy!

We’ve worked on a wide range of industries from all around the world and we’ve executed many SEO strategies with great success to date. We would love to work on your business SEO strategy, whether you’re looking to create a website and dive into SEO or already have a website and want to rank higher, make sure to contact us today for a free consultation.


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