Top 6 Benefits of an E-Commerce Website!

Nowadays, many people prefer to shop online for certain brands and products as it has become very convenient to do so with the help of new technology. Purchasing items online has become a very easy task especially for elderly people and people with a very busy schedule that cannot go in-store to purchase.

With your business having an e-commerce website, your profit margin is no longer limited to the number of customers that can physically visit your store. Having customers purchase online saves time for both the retailer and the customer by reducing phone calls about product availability, product specifications inquiries, opening hours, or other information that can now be easily found on your company website. It’s safe to say, starting an online store is going to be increasingly important for your business’ success.

Reasons why you should invest in an e-commerce website:

1. Convenience

A big perk of having an e-commerce website is convenience. There would be no lines for your customers to wait or shop assistants to wait on to help them with their purchases and they can comfortably shop at the comfort of their home, even at midnight while in their pajamas! Online shopping also rewards with a ‘no pollution’ shopping experience which helps the environment!

2. Sending gifts easily

Customers can send gifts to their friends and relatives for occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, etc. more easily with no excuses.

3. Price comparisons

Customers can easily compare and research the products they are after and prices. Therefore, if you offer a competitive price or offer for example free delivery compared to other businesses, the customer will purchase more products from your website.

4. No crowds and parking issues

Customers are sometimes pushed away when they see a queue or are having difficulty to find parking close to your store. Therefore having an e-commerce website would relieve your customer’s headaches as they can purchase from the comfort of their home with just a few clicks.

5. Offering more products

Selling online gives you the ability to increase and broaden your inventory as you would not be limited to the space of your physical store. This helps you offer more products to your customers and an increase in cash flow.

6. Marketing opportunities

At the moment, it is nearly impossible to track how often a single customer physically comes to your store to browse before making a decision to purchase. Having an e-commerce website is very useful in this case as it can track each customer’s clicks and provide valuable insights, paving the way for marketing opportunities such as items still in cart emails and nudge customers who may be on the fence about purchasing certain products.

So… have we given enough reasons for you to start creating an e-commerce website? Contact us and let’s discuss your business’ needs over a cup of coffee!

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