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Prepare Your Business For Post COVID-19

Without any doubt, the COVID-19 has created a huge reduction in sales in many industries with the exception of a few. As we get closer to a new vaccine, we hope and envision a COVID free world, but how will our businesses be alive by then? Will the business have the same momentum as before?

These are questions that we certainly can’t answer on your behalf but at JUNi Marketing we have experts which can help you guide your business in the right direction. We’ve compiled three key points that will help you prepare your business for post-COVID, some will also help you even during!

Online Presence

If Covid-19 hasn’t been an eye-opener of why an online presence is important, we don’t know what will. Throughout this entire pandemic, businesses which already had a good online presence by using social media and a website have been able to keep somewhat of a constant income (for certain industries only) on the other hand businesses that had little online presence have started investing in a website and increased their social media marketing.

In total we’ve seen a huge spike of new websites being created and business asking for proposals… all this this spike was during the so-called first wave of COVID cases.

If you have a business where online presence is lacking, we highly suggest to contact us to discuss your business and proposal further. We know a post COVID will have more physical interaction but most of the world’s population has seen the benefits of technology and if you’re not online the more generation Z grows, the more your sales are going to decline.

Keep an eye out for your competitors

To see what your competitors are doing is the number one rule for a successful business but even if we could overlook this rule before COVID, we can’t afford to do so during and post COVID. A post-pandemic usually comprises of a recession where people start to save money, not to go on vacations to keep as much just-in-case money as possible.

This means that the number of potential customers you have will seriously be decreased, so make sure that you keep an eye out for your competitors’ offerings. Why you may ask, well because you will want the biggest slice of the cake at the end of the day, but you can’t do so if your competitor is offering better prices at only a few clicks away.

Look at similar businesses in other countries

This may sound a bit off but in reality, this is a frequently used technique by various business people. If a country is already in a post-covid-19 due to the low amount of cases, you can see what similar businesses are doing to attract clients and be able to create a post COVID plan for when your country is in post-COVID and vice versa.

This has been used by the local government, as Italy had a huge increase in cases, we could learn from their mistakes and ensure we don’t repeat such mistakes as neighbouring countries. This has enabled Malta to be at an advantageous position and able to create a plan for when the pandemic hits Malta. The plan was a huge success and if implemented right will be even for your business, it’s always important to have a sound plan before going to battle, most probably your competitors are planning already.

The above-highlighted points are an essential element to your business plan post-covid-19. Many of the ways to go forward would be to spend money on advertising and/or through a website, don’t shy away from this, even if your business is currently struggling to catch up, without advertising it won’t do any better.

Make sure to contact us and let us help your business gain the competitive advantage for during and after covid-19.

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