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Black Friday 2020? Here Are Some Tips to Get you Started

Whether you love it or hate it, Black Friday is an excellent way to push unneeded stock or simply a good way to offer great discounts which will create a good turn over.

If you’ve already started working on your Black Friday offers – Excellent! Here are some tips you’ll surely benefit from.

Start planning early

Planning in advance is always a smart idea, whether you’re sketching up the discounts or where you’re going to market, it’s always good to start early. Starting early will give you time to come up with good ideas that you wouldn’t think of last-minute just a few days before Black Friday.

Choose the right discounts and offers

There are various ways to go about when offering a discount, should you do 50% off or buy 1 get 1 free? Whether you’re going one way or the other, it is important to always consider what the product is, who will be buying it and how much the client will actually be saving.

Create attractive adverts and start advertising!

Digital adverts are always the best way to reach your client, but the graphics created have to showcase the offer instantly without a lot of attention from the user’s end. Don’t just put a picture of your product and write 10% off, it won’t attract clients!

(Speak to us and let us coordinate all your marketing efforts, from start to finish including all your marketing efforts on Google search, display ads, Facebook, YouTube, email, and much more).

Check your website speed and checkout process

If you have a website and planning to offer discounts through it (which we highly suggest!) it is important to make sure that everything is working perfectly. In general, you’d want to make sure that the website’s speed is good on both desktop and mobile devices and there aren’t any issues with the checkout process.

If you still don’t have a website, we highly suggest contacting us so that we can start building your site. If you think a website is a waste of money, don’t! It will allow you to connect to new clients you’re certainly not reaching through Facebook and new means of advertising including Google search, YouTube, and much more.

Target your clients using the correct mediums

Believe it or not, your clients are not all on Facebook or Instagram, when advertising, in general, you should be using more than just the usual social media platforms. We always suggest using a mix of mediums such as search ads, display advertisements, billboards, distribution of printed promotional material (leaflets, flyers & booklets), email marketing, and loads more.

Unsure about this year's Black Friday?

Still not sure of what you’ll be doing for this Black Friday? Contact us for a FREE one-on-one consultation and we will guide you on what you should and shouldn’t do for this year’s Black Friday 2020.


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